February, 2018

rj muna wins big in the graphis 2018 photography annual

Congratulations RJ Muna for your sweep in the Graphis 2018 Photography Annual!

I am excited to share RJ’s multiple wins, the first of which is a GOLD in the Advertising category for the Airbus campaign created in collaboration with artist Berndnaut Smilde for the lovely folks at Publicis London.

And two wins for RJ’s Audi work with MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER, a GOLD in the Automotive category and a SILVER in the Automotive category.

And a SILVER in the Portrait category for the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Portrait Series.

And two SILVERS in the Fashion + Beauty category…for Sierra and Okami.

Two Silvers in the Dance Category, one for Alonzo King LINES Ballet 

and for ODC/Dance.

And finally, two Honorable Mentions in the Dance Category for his work with Liss Fain Dance

and Flyaway Productions.

Congratulations again RJ, we love seeing all the recognition for your amazing work!


rj muna sweeps the 2017 one eyeland awards

One Eyeland announced its 2017 Photography Award winners last week and once again RJ Muna lands on top. With 9 separate wins including a Silver award for overall Photographer of the Year for his Airbus campaign with Publicis London and a Silver award for Photographer of the Year in the Advertising category for his work for ODC Dance. Additionally, RJ took home 4 Bronze awards in the Advertising category for his work for Liss Fain Dance, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company and Dance Theatre of San Francisco and 3 more Honorable Mentions in the People and Advertising categories. Congratulations RJ!


annabelle breakey’s urban metallics for method

Method teams up with a leading designer every year to create a limited edition collection featured in Target. Brooklyn-based interior designer Athena Calderone came up with this year’s collection called Urban Metallics. The collection, made up of four fragrances and seven metallic colors, has been well received, even earning accolades from Real Simple magazine.

“Just when you thought all things gold and rose gold ran their course, the fashionable colors strike again,” wrote Tamara Kraus. “The scents not only smell great, but they are also pet-friendly and planet-friendly, thanks to their recyclable bottles made with 100-percent recycled plastic. And of course, that means they’re people-friendly, too, with a naturally derived formula that leaves hands ultra-soft and clean.”

The images were created by Annabelle Breakey. While Annabelle has shot several campaigns for Method, this one was particularly challenging because not all of the high-shine metallic soaps had been manufactured at the time of the shoot. Instead, she photographed naked bottles and added the colors and graphics in post-production.

“We had some of the colors, so we photographed the ones we had so that we’d know where the highlights and shadows would look like,” shared Annabelle. The fragrances, cool lavender, burnished cedar, copper rain, and golden citrus, come in a combination of polished nickel, pewter, brass, rose gold, and copper colors.

“Emily, my in-house superstar retoucher, put the image we shot together with the missing colors and the bottle graphic, which comes from an Illustrator file created by Method.”

Annabelle said it’s actually fairly common for a client to schedule a photo shoot before the product is ready for market because a certain amount of lead time is required to develop the content for the numerous marketing channels that will be utilized—print, video, billboards, social. Other times, a computer-generated image is higher quality and more appropriate for large-scale advertising.

“Sometimes when you photograph the actual printed piece you can find on the shelf, there’s a dot pattern to it, and when you run it through the printing press again you get a moiré, which doesn’t look very good when you blow it up really big. Often what we’ll do is take the art off the package, photograph it, and add the package art from the Illustrator file to make it really pretty and clean. You can blow it up as big as you want and it still looks amazing,” she explained.

Look for Method’s Urban Metallics Limited Edition Collection at Target and Walgreens through summer 2018.