October, 2017

celebrating our new york art producer community

New York Art producer party

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Having just returned from one of my favorite events of the year — the New York Art Producer party I co-host annually with Heather Elder — I am struck with an awe-inspiring appreciation for this community. There were some Art Producers with whom I’ve worked my entire career, some who are just starting their careers in Art Production, and even a few AP’s I’ve worked with but had never previously met. To have them all gathered together in the now familiar Ace Hotel Lobby swapping stories, camaraderie and friendship was, in a word, magical. And to get to do this all with my best friend and to be so fortunate to have Vanessa McGarry supporting us both in New York? How lucky can we be! I was also so excited to have Quinci join us once again this year after a few years staying back while her kids were younger (we missed you Lauranne). I think the I heart New York ad campaign slogan from the 70’s perfectly sums up my feelings towards this community, but the photos tell the best story. Until next time NYC.

New York Art producer party

New York Art producer party




waltz across texas

The MCA Roadshow did some serious waltzing across Texas last week.

We saw 12 agencies in 4 days, GSD&M, Preacher, Proof, Greatest Common Factory, SandersWingo, McGarrah Jessee, The Integer Group, Slingshot, TracyLocke, The Richards Group, Publicis Hawkeye and got to finish out our Texas tour with our old friend Katie Buntsma at Saatchi Dallas.


We had a little car trouble along the way…


But ultimately we had an indescribable week of fun, photo family, friendship…oh and Frosé. Thank you Texas ad community for the amazing hospitality…until next time. And be sure to check out the #mcaroadshow hashtag on Instagram to see all the behind the scenes.





jamie kripke’s air show

Jamie Kripke’s personal project Air Show started with a little research into the origins of flight via the Wright Brothers. “Being from Ohio, a lover of bicycles, and someone with a healthy fear of flying, I was naturally drawn to the story of the Wright Brothers,” he wrote of the project.It seemed like a logical place to start.

Jamie Kripke Air Show-09

He learned that Wilbur preferred long country rides and Orville the track, that their first airplane could only fly straight, and that much of the design and many of the parts for their airplanes belonged to their bicycles.

After researching the Wright Brothers’ story, I had to go to Dayton,” Jamie said. The Dayton Air Show, held annually in late June, is one of the country’s foremost airshows featuring world-class aerobatic performances, cutting-edge military jet displays and demonstrations, and a fleet of pristine World War II-era aircraft.

Jamie Kripke Air Show-01

Jamie Kripke Air Show-10

Jamie Kripke Air Show-02

On the media day before the show, they offered me a ride in a fighter jet, which I promptly turned down. Matthew Turley thinks I’m crazy. Then again, he’s a licensed pilot. So I think that he is crazy,” he joked.

Jamie Kripke Air Show-21

Jamie Kripke Air Show-26

Tens of thousands of spectators attend the event, along with hundreds of professional and amateur aviation photographers.

Jamie Kripke Air Show-15

I think there is an overabundance of ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ imagery out in the world right now. It used to be interesting to me, but not anymore. So I knew that creatively I wanted to go in the other direction—to make something ‘surreal’ instead of real,” Jamie said of his Air Show images.


While he was in Dayton, Jamie also visited Carillon Historical Park, home to an original 1905 Wright Flyer, and the Wright Cycle Company building on Williams Street, now a historic landmark. Keep an eye out for his next project, which will feature images made at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, just outside of Dayton.

I honestly think this is sort of a next step in the evolution of my work, and one that is totally unique to me. I’m going to follow it, and see where it goes,” Jamie said.

To read Jamie’s own post of the project, hop over to his journal and to see the rest of the images from the series, link to Jamie’s site here.