December, 2016

shaun fenn shoots fed ex holiday

The phrase “checking it once, checking it twice” took on a whole new meaning for Shaun Fenn this Christmas while shooting a new multi-platform holiday campaign for FedEx, concepted by the Integer Group in Dallas.

At the outset, the assignment might have seemed simple enough; photograph a series of images of talent opening a FedEx package in a holiday setting. But add in that each of the 15 or so models had to be photographed in five different ways, each of the scenes had to look similar but different, and that a purple ribbon—FedEx’s signature color—had to be flowing naturally out of a shipping box, and the project got a lot more complicated really quickly.


On every job, we learn so much because the whole industry is changing so rapidly. It used to be we were just shooting for print magazines. Now every one of these ads has to be applicable to a long list of new medium, each of which has a completely different crop. It’s a fascinating new challenge to create imagery for a global client like FedEx with so much reach in such a variety of places,” said Shaun.

The formats they were shooting for included horizontal, vertical, square, extreme horizontal, and extreme vertical. The shots would be used in FedEx store windows, in the mailer, on the coupon, and even on a mouse pad placed near store cash registers.


I’m just trying to capture a wonderful moment of a child unwrapping a Christmas present, but it has to be kept fresh and authentic as you replicate it over and over again. That was the biggest takeaway from this job,” Shaun said.

The shoot took place in a Los Angeles studio over two days, but required a significant amount of pre-production to stay on schedule. Prop stylist Kyle Schuneman built three sets so that while Shaun was working on one shot, two others were being prepped.

While Shaun was shooting, representatives from the agency and the client were standing at a huge monitor approving shots and checking scenarios off their list.

We had an aggressive shot list with extensive deliverables to get through. My producer Page Dorian and her team did a fantastic job of keeping the whole show on track. If you get behind with that kind of a schedule, it’s not good,” Shaun said. “The production support available in LA really is the best in the world.

Stylist Holly Copeland was in charge of pulling the wardrobe together, including sourcing the perfect blue monster.


A big thank you to Art Producers Kerry McStay and Rudine Cooks for tapping Shaun for this great project and special props to Creative Director Wendy Bouis for being such a great collaborator and sending a hand-written thank you note after the shoot to thank Shaun “for being talented, flexible, and fun!” We can’t wait for the next collaboration.

annabelle breakey and the new american diner

Earlier this year Annabelle Breakey was commissioned by the owners of the forthcoming Bobcat Diner to shoot a series of recipes planned for the diner’s menu. The images would be used as large teaser posters to decorate the diner’s construction site in Merced, CA.

While the building was under construction, they wanted to put big, bold, beautiful images of the food they plan to have on their menu on the outside of the temporary walls,” explained Annabelle.


Annabelle spent a day shooting Bobcat Diner recipes with food stylist Heidi Gintner and prop specialist Emma Star Jensen. They had free reign to do pretty much whatever they wanted, within the direction of making it “Americana” with the look of a vintage mountain diner with a cozy log cabin feel.

They shot the diner’s flagship biscuit recipe on a rustic wooded cutting board with a Bell jar full of marmalade. A tin pie plate overflowing with the the diner’s Carnivore breakfast of sausages, Canadian bacon, hash brown, and eggs and their Portobello mushroom burger with basil pesto were shot on a wood plank table.




It was just one of those magical experiences. They were just these private individuals who had this passion for opening a restaurant. They found us on the Internet. We didn’t know them and they didn’t know us. They let us do what we wanted with their recipes, and the result was this amazing project that we wanted to use for our portfolio,” said Annabelle.

Not only were the clients happy with the results, but Annabelle also liked the project so much, she decided to create a promo piece out of it.

To make a complete story, they needed a few more images, so Heidi came up with some fabulous recipes that put a modern twist on the classic American diner experience.

The promo’s cover image is a Coke float with sweet chili pepper—Annabelle calls it a spicy, 21st-century version of the traditional root beer float.


Heidi’s other recipes include individual portions of a braised short rib rigatoni, a blackberry caramel milkshake garnished in toffee, and a tray of polenta fries.



Heidi is just super, super creative, and the recipes were divine. We tasted the short rib rigatoni—it was mind-blowing,” Annabelle said.

Interestingly, the partners behind the Bobcat Diner are originally from the Middle East, though they’ve been living in the States for many years. “They love the American way of life and wanted to have an American diner. They’re living the American dream,” said Annabelle.