June, 2015

michael lamotte retires

After a charmed and wildly successful 35 year career, Michael Lamotte has made the decision to retire from commercial photography. Quinci and I have had the distinct honor and privilege of representing Michael for 27 of those 35 years and we can say without a doubt, he will be greatly missed. Michael was the first photographer I ever represented– creative, talented, upstanding, humble and the nicest guy–he set the standard and bar very, very high.

In honor of his retirement, I am posting the very first commercial job Michael ever shot, an ad for Lord Calvert Canadian shot for Doyle Dane Bernbach.

Image 10

Image 11

While Michael will no longer be shooting commercially, he will continue to shoot personal work, you can find him at From The Source.

Congratulations Michael and Gail on your richly deserved retirement. We wish you both all the best.

jim salzano and the fresh air fund

Established in 1877 to serve New York City’s children, The Fresh Air Fund is a non profit organization that provides free summer country experiences to inner city low-income families. Jim Salzano has been helping with the organization’s bi-annual fundraiser, so I asked him to share some behind the scenes.

“For a number of years I’ve been working with The Fresh Air Fund benefits at Chelsea Piers NYC. They have 2 yearly fundraisers in the spring and fall. I set up a photo booth and shoot portraits of those who come to donate and celebrate this amazing organization. I usually ask my son Joe to be on the crew to get him to participate in public service work.”


Jim continues, “There’s always a theme we try to reflect in the photo booth and we’ve had some great fun with the different sets.” Below are a few of the past captures, including Carla Hall who is a co-host of ABC’s lifestyle series The Chew.

The Fresh Air Fund has provided otherwise unattainable summer experiences to over 1.8 million New York City kids, thank you Jim for your time with such a worthy cause.