December, 2014

‘wyoming color’ by jamie kripke

‘Wyoming Color’ is a recent series of personal work shot by Jamie Kripke while driving (7 + hours) to and from an assignment for Field & Stream in Sheridan, Wyoming. The images were shot in Casper, Wyoming, just after sunrise.

When interviewed by Photo District News about the series, Jamie explains that the images were influenced by painter Richard Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park” paintings.

“I was looking at [them] recently and love the compositions and the way the colors are layered over each other,” Kripke told PDN via email. “So I started messing around with these images, first by responding to the composition of the images, drawing masks, then working with the color until it felt right.” 

To view more of Jamie’s recent explorations with color, check out the galleries, Building Ello and The Mesa Lab on Jamie’s site. Nice work Jamie.







edible marin article features marin organic and michael lamotte

Edible Marin & Wine Country magazine featured Marin Organic in its Winter 2014 issue. Marin Organic is a nonprofit organization led by a group of farmers who aim to educate consumers about the value of organically produced foods and make it economically possible to preserve the agricultural way of life in Marin County by supporting local, organic practices.

The magazine article and corresponding online post also feature some of Michael Lamotte’s images. Michael has long been passionate about supporting the local food movement. Several of the images from Michael’s From the Source project showcase products exclusively raised or grown by Marin Organic member producers.


“My hope is the From the Source project and blog will help promote small, local food purveyors and, with an aesthetic depiction, foster a deeper level of appreciation through photography. We are so fortunate to live in an area that cultivates and encourages the production of so many delicious foods—my supply of subjects is endless,” Michael told the magazine.

A big thank you to Edible Marin & Wine Country editor Gibson Thomas for her support of Michael and From the Source.