October, 2014

rj muna wins multiple IPA awards

We are thrilled to announce that RJ Muna has taken home 3 awards in the 2014 International Photography Awards (IPA) Competition. The all-star panel of judges selected RJ for the following awards…

1st place in the Advertising Category for the ODC Dance campaign 


Base rocks and dresses

base rocks

Base rocks d


2nd place in the Advertising category for his image Achok


1st place in the Book category for his retrospective book, Alonzo King Lines Ballet


hero skin
using full image

Overall.  Open face detail


Congratulations RJ, we could not be more proud.

on the road again : boulder and denver

Quinci and I just returned from a whirlwind few days showing portfolios and hanging with Jamie Kripke in his home turf . We saw lots of existing clients, old friends, met new friends and lots of awesome agency dogs. We visited a few new agencies on this trip and were so impressed with the burgeoning design and ad scene happening, we can’t wait to go back. The trip culminated in Jamie Kripke’s show ‘The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is‘ at his awesome Boulder studio. Thanks for the hospitality Colorado, until next time.



michael lamotte helps to re-brand the hershey company

The Hershey Company has been an iconic symbol of Americana for over a century producing one of the country’s best-loved chocolate bars. But the company’s portfolio of brands also include popular bubble gums, dessert toppings, and delicious treats like Twizzlers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Kisses and Jolly Rancher. In an effort to refresh its corporate brand and present itself as a global confection and snack company, Hershey is launching a new logo and what it calls a visual identity system that is meant to bring a more colorful and consistent look to its marketing materials. “Today we are much more than the ‘Great American Chocolate Bar,’” said Mike Wege, chief growth and marketing officer at Hershey.

6003 Hershey's-ICONL…IPS_STACK1943-HERO


Photographer Michael Lamotte was tasked with updating the look of a selection of products. “This job was so much fun; we got to take all those sweets that we are so familiar with, and create new beautiful patterns with the everyday shapes,” said Lamotte. The team re-imagined classic Hershey brands like Jolly Rancher into colorful repeating geometric patterns and a chocolaty mountain range of Hershey Kisses, extending as far as the eye can see.

6003 Hershey's-WP_JOLLY-HARD2093-ALT_R2


We had layouts, but we were free to explore and find the best solution for each candy under the camera. You never know what the solution is until you have your subject under the camera and lit.”

Big thank you to Lisa and Ron for enlisting Michael for this ‘sweet’ project.