July, 2014

margaret lampert for scholarshare

Margaret Lampert completed her second project for ScholarShare, California’s 529 College Savings Plan this spring in Santa Monica. Creative direction came from Geralyn Broder Murray of Big Shot Writer, working with art director Andrea Diaz-Vaughan. “The idea was to propel parents into saving more for college by connecting with them emotionally and making them realize how soon college will be here,” said Murray.

Murray says the first time she saw Lampert’s work she knew she was the perfect choice to capture that particular bittersweet moment when parents realize their kids are growing up. “Margaret manages to capture the tiny, yet most important details that make all the difference in an image: a hand, a glance, a hem. Her shots reach out and grab ahold of your heart,” she said.




I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Geralyn and Andrea once again,” Lampert said. “Our first collaboration in 2012 had been a great success on every level and it was time to refresh the imagery and continue building the brand this time with images that spoke to the fleeting nature of childhood and the importance of starting a college savings plan.

Authenticity was a primary goal of the project. Lampert worked with McBride Casting in Los Angeles to find as many real families as possible—mothers and children, brothers and sisters—and allowed them to interact as they naturally would. “I wanted to capture candid moments that felt emotional and authentic; a certain amount of magic mixed with ordinary childhood experiences that any audience could relate to,” Lampert said.





This time around, the project would take on a video as well as print aspect. Lampert brought on Courtney Perkins Ryan, who shot the video at the same time that Lampert was shooting the stills. “I needed to work with someone who is able to shoot motion with the same sensibility I bring to my photographs,” said Lampert. “As a result, the continuity between stills and motion is seamless.

Margaret and Courtney’s images fit the bill perfectly by capturing those moments that make you realize how fast your children are growing—and that you need to prepare for their bright future,” said Murray.

The production team was nearly identical to that of the first ScholarShare project. “We had such a great team,” says Lampert. “Mark Hofmann and Alicia Addis orchestrated a flawless experience for client, cast, and crew.

A big thank you to ScholarShare for the great project and special thanks to Geri and Dre for coming back to Margaret for Round #2. We absolutely love the collaboration.

michael lamotte and sfmoma

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s building in downtown San Francisco closed in June 2013 as a massive campaign to expand the museum got underway. While the construction will be ongoing through 2016, the museum itself is not closed—it’s ‘on the go.’

SFMOMA is hosting exhibitions at various locations throughout the Bay Area, as well as on its blog and Tumblr page, which feature a variety of museum-related posts, as well as ‘Submission Friday,’ an online exhibition of work submitted by SFMOMA followers and curated by museum staff.


Salt & Bay

San Francisco food photographer Michael Lamotte recently had three images selected by SFMOMA Submission Friday curators. Salt & Bay and Celeriac were the first two images selected both from his ‘From the Source‘ project, an ongoing series of black and white images of food produced by small, local growers. The third image, Spring Peas, is from his Studio 243 series, a new personal project that combines images shot in an open-air studio in Lamotte’s backyard with images of various textures.


Look for a more in-depth story on Studio 243 as well as news of an upcoming From the Source show later this fall.


congratulations rj muna : ca photo annual 2014 winner

Very big congratulations are in order for RJ Muna and the rest of the CA winners. RJ scored a win in the Communication Arts Photo Annual 2014 in the Advertising category. RJ’s image was shot for Alonzo King Lines Ballet and we couldn’t be more proud!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.04.17 AM


congratulations shaun fenn : ca photo annual 2014 winner

Way to go Shaun Fenn and the rest of the CA winners. Shaun’s image shot for Woody Boater won in the Advertising category in the Communication Arts Photo Annual 2014. Congratulations Shaun, we are so proud!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.06.48 AM