April, 2014

palm springs photo festival 2014

I have just returned from my 3rd year as a reviewer at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. It was hard to imagine in year #1 that it could get any better, but it has. The festival is really indescribable. I take my role as a portfolio reviewer seriously and I know that I am providing encouragement, revelation, ideas and motivation to those with whom I meet.  It is simultaneously  inspirational for me and there are so many great friendships and relationships made and formed. A quick acknowledgement to Jeff Dunas for his incredible vision. To Elena Kalis, Ian Ruhter, Stanley Greene, and Gregory Heisler for their fantastic evening presentations at the Annenberg Theater Monday and Tuesday. To amazing photographers Marjorie Salvaterra and Art Streiber, book publisher extraordinaire Chris Pichler and gallery owner David Fahey, all of whom have become friends through PSPF and of course a nod to my PSPF posse; Suzee Barrabee, Ken Zane, Lisa Oropallo, Karen Meenaghan, Susan Baraz, Leah Levine, Allegra Wilde and Randy Harris and a shout out to newbies Claudia Coffman, Diane Eames, Patrick Casey, Cheryl Newman, John Kenney, Krissie Hicks and Cynthia Held. Lastly, to Norman Maslov and Shannon McMillan – ships passing in the night – Until next year.

Palm Springscollage

from the archives : christine alicino for 3rd eye blind

The inspiration for this From The Archives post came simply from hearing a 3rd Eye Blind song today.  As you may recall from reading the ‘10 or 18 things about mca photographers‘ post, Christine Alicino was a musician before trading in her bass amp for a camera. Christine’s band, The Urge (an all-girl punk band) performed with the Go-Go’s, Dead Kennedys and the Avengers.

3rd eye blind

Fast forward to 1997 when Christine, after successfully launching a second career as a photographer, received a call from Stephan Jenkins from 3rd Eye Blind wanting her to shoot the cover art for their first album. But…they didn’t have any money. Christine’s background in the music industry gave her a perspective others might not have, and she agreed to shoot the cover art, all fees and expenses for a total of $500. But Christine asked Stephan to promise if the album was a  success and went platinum, that he would come back to her and pay what the going rate should have been. Low and behold, Third Eye Blind’s self-titled album went platinum 6 times and Stephan Jenkins and the band honored their agreement with Christine. Shortly thereafter a check and some swag arrived at Christine’s door.

Christine’s image for the album was shot on Polaroid film; the model was a female friend of the band with Stephan’s hand hiding her identity.

mca roadshow : chicago round 2

It had been 2 years since our inaugural Chicago Roadshow visit, so we were all looking forward to once again making the rounds, visiting old friends and staying at our favorite hotel, the Public. Thank you to Leo Burnett, mcgarrybowen, CAHG, Ogilvy, Energy BBDO and Cramer Krasselt for hosting the MCA Roadshow anniversary trip. The best part about it of course, was getting the band back together and making plans for future trips. You can follow us on Instagram at #mcaroadshow to see where we end up next.

Chicago Roadshow

new york art producer cocktail party

I was recently writing a description of the MCA Roadshow and why it is so effective and successful; the net being that the Art Producers and Art Directors we meet with can sense and feel the mutual respect and esteem the photographers hold for one another. As I was flying home from my whirlwind trip to New York to host a cocktail party with my good friend and colleague, Heather Elder; it occurred to me that that our collaboration in New York is successful for the very same reason. The Art Producers can sense and feel our mutual respect, admiration and friendship. The New York association Heather and I share is so collaborative, we even share a New York liaison, Vanessa McGarry. So together, we couldn’t wait to gather all our favorite Art Producers to thank them for their continued support of our artists. Thank you to all who came and to those who couldn’t make it, we missed you but will see you at the next gathering. We know when we are on to a good thing.

NY Art Producers