March, 2014

michael lamotte shoots images for hershey’s lancaster launch

Who do you come to when you are launching a new brand into the global market for the first time in 30 years? Michael Lamotte, of course. The iconic Hershey’s candy company hired Michael to help launch Lancaster ‘milk-based’ caramels in China and ‘soft creme’ caramels in the United States and needed packaging images for three flavors in each market. Michael was chosen for his creative vision and his expertise shooting highly complex images for the top food and beverage companies.


“The shots were very tricky—they needed cream with soft swirls of each flavor and the caramels half submerged in the cream and to develop the right formula that could be repeated for each flavor,” added Michael. “We shot the swirls and then shot the objects in the cream and assembled everything in post.” Michael worked with food stylist Stephanie Greenleigh and his in-house post-production team led by Colin Birdseye.

Many thanks for the opportunity. It was an honor to be a part of a landmark launch for an iconic American brand.

thomas juenger of the university of texas by jim salzano


Jim Salzano was recently in Austin shooting for Lyrica with JWT Creative Director Gary Boyd and Art Producer Sara Levi when he nearly drove off the road one evening after noticing a greenhouse glowing a warm yellow from the inside. Jim shoots a lot of pharma which traditionally means long waiting periods before he can publish the images, so he is always on the lookout for personal projects he can share in the interim. (Especially ones that he can shoot not only with his iPhone, but with his ‘real’ camera).

After the shoot, Jim was on his way to visit his friend Pat Epstein, when he passed the aforementioned Brackenridge Field Laboratory. When asked, Pat not only knew that the greenhouse was a research facility run by the University of Texas, but also had an ‘in’ with Thomas Juenger, who runs the facility and the Juenger Laboratory. With Pat’s connections, Tom agreed to sit for a portrait. They all met at the greenhouse one late afternoon and tada, Jim had another beautiful image.

“It doesn’t always happen this easily but when it does it’s such fun,” added Jim. “I’m grateful that the stars were aligned in Austin that day and I must thank my friend Pat Epstein, professors Mark Kirkpatrick and Thomas Juenger and the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin.”