January, 2014

michael lamotte’s from the source supports marin organics at auction

Michael Lamotte recently lent support to ART ON THE FARM by donating several prints to their annual auction from his much-acclaimed From the Source project. ART ON THE FARM is a volunteer run, community-based partnership between artists and Marin Organic farmers. Annual fundraising exhibits allows artists to contribute to the interest-free loan fund for farmers.

Michael sold three prints and was the top grossing artist of the auction, a great success for him as From the Source was started with the goal of supporting small farmers and the local food movement.


Dragons Tongue Beans, La Tercera

B&W III 6863-Edit

Mt Tam Triple Cream Cheese, Cowgirl Creamery

B&W III 7533-Edit-Edit

Txiki Goat Cheese, Barinaga Ranch

matthew turley featured in communication arts

Congratulations to Matthew Turley for his feature in the January/February Communication Arts. Julie Prendiville Roux spoke with Matthew about his passion for the outdoors and how his connection to nature “shows through, reflecting the purity and elegance of his subjects.”

The article beautifully captures Matthew’s remarkable gifts as a photographer. “Outside, Turley is an even-keeled, quiet person. Inside, he’s an adventure junkie.” This passion, the natural ability to handle any situation with grace and equanimity, and his immense talent are what keep Matthew so in demand

Paying Matthew the highest compliment, Jimmy Bonner, creative co-director at The Richards Group, added “When I think of Matt Turley, I think of a modern-day Rembrandt, the Hudson River School of painters and nineteenth-century photographer William Henry Jackson. Wrap all of these together and you get a truly gifted twenty-first century photographer.”

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you to Julie Prendiville Roux and Communication Arts for highlighting Matthew and his work.

Matthew Turley

Matthew Turley

Matthew Turley Matthew Turley

Matthew Turley