June, 2013

congratulations to matthew turley: CA photo annual 53

A big congratulations to Matthew Turley for having five (5) images selected for inclusion in the 2013 Communication Arts Photo Annual. The featured images are from the Ram Superbowl spot “So God Made a Farmer.”

Thank you to Creative Directors Rob Baker and Jimmy Bonner, and Art Producer Deb Grisham from The Richards Group for the extraordinary opportunity…and to Communication Arts for recognizing and honoring Matthew’s work.

To read the full story, please click here for an earlier post.






jamie kripke: 24 hours of lemons

Jamie Kripke recently shot a personal project, 24 Hours of Lemons, “An endurance race for cars that cost less than $500 and self proclaimed “breeding ground for morons, where a Pinto and a Maserati battle to lap a Le Car.” It’s a hilarious mix of NASCAR, MacGyver, Burning Man, and The Salvation Army.

130601_Lemons-01_860 copy

Inspired by some friends of his who have participated, he headed out with his ‘Lemony’ lighting rig to shoot the event and especially the cars which he loves to shoot.




Look for more next year when Jamie shoots a longer project that will involve his own team. Can’t wait to see the car they put together.


michael lamotte heads to europe for inspiration

When Michael Lamotte is not shooting food, he can be found most often at a local farmer’s market or his favorite local purveyor or restaurant finding inspiration for his very popular black and white photo blog, From the Source.

Every year he packs his camera bag and seeks out inspiration beyond the Bay Area. This year we traveled with him on Instagram through six weeks in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

We wish we could have been there with him, but were (almost) as happy to look at the beautiful photos he brought back. Thank you for sharing Michael, but next year we might have to go with you, especially if we can stay at art director Marcel’s Creative Exchange in Amsterdam!

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