April, 2013

jamie kripke featured in may/june communication arts

I am very proud to announce that Jamie Kripke is the featured photographer in the May/June issue of CA, landing in mailboxes and on newsstands this week. Editor Rebecca Bedrossian flew to Boulder to do the interview in person and after a day hanging out at his studio and walking around town, she wrote a piece that somehow perfectly captures Jamie’s spirit, personality and amazing talents. And the article features a portrait of Jamie taken by his six year old daughter Kinley, complete with a photo credit.


As is often the case with my photographers, there is a great story behind this. It is a tradition in Jamie’s family to make a list, every five years, of the things they want to accomplish in the next five years. In 2006, Jamie listed being featured in CA on his list before filing it away and not looking at it again until this year.

When I got the call from Rebecca last Fall that they wanted to feature Jamie, I couldn’t wait to tell him. I called him right away and asked if he was sitting down. He responded that indeed he was. After picking up some furniture for his new studio, Jamie said he was sitting in the Ikea cafeteria with a view of the expressway eating the $2.99 manager’s special—particle board and leftover Allen bolts.

“It was hugely validating that I’ve spent my life doing this,” added Jamie. “The editor Rebecca came to Colorado to do the interview and it was so much fun to hang out in person rather than doing it over the phone. It was very informal and really cool to just hang out and have that be the interview.” 

Congratulations to Jamie and a big thank you to Rebecca for the opportunity and a wonderful feature. I’m a proud agent.


margaret lampert and matthew turley collaborate for pfizer

The photographers on my roster travel together, meet for an annual dinner and once in a while have the opportunity to collaborate professionally. When Pfizer hired Margaret Lampert to shoot for their formula brands, Illuma and Gold, the brief called for studio shots dropped into various landscapes in post. When we reviewed the specs for Illuma it was immediately clear that we would need to have our retoucher on set while we were shooting. Needless to say we immediately thought of Matthew Turley, extraordinary landscape photographer and talented retoucher.

Elk herd, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

At that time the agency was sourcing stock imagery for backgrounds. As we worked on the estimate I shared Matthew’s landscapes with the creative team and they were as entranced as all of us when we first set eyes on the work…so the project became even more exciting…Margaret’s portraits and Matthew’s landscapes…collaborating both on set and during post.


The project provided many challenges, but Margaret and Matthew worked closely with the Creative Directors, Julien Jarreau and Brian McIntosh, on a seamless shoot and post process. “I was to photograph mothers and babies in a multitude of different configurations but with one constant, a powerful backlight simulating the sun, behind and between the faces of the mother and child,” said Margaret. “As our pre-light day progressed, we found that the way the set needed to be lit to capture the essence of the brand was not possible, intensity and placement of the backlight was a hazard for both talent and crew and something that infants could not be exposed to. With Matthew on set, we were able to adjust the lights so that Matthew had enough to work with (light wrapping around the faces to simulate backlight) without the blinding source we had started with.”

With Matthew on set they were able to continually drop the portraits into his landscapes so both the client and the creative team could visualize how the final images would come together. Once final selects were made, Matthew got to work on the composites. “Even with the most careful lighting it’s nearly impossible to simply mask strands of hair against a composite background and have it look convincingly realistic,” added Matthew. “I purchased a Wacom Cintiq 24HD display/graphics tablet and blended the hair by hand, drawing in strands of hair one by one. In the end, each image had as many as 15,000 history states, most of which were brush strokes blending the hair,” added Matthew.


This shoot definitely took a village. The team at Planet PrePro led by Richard Gaul kept us on track with their tireless attention to detail throughout the preproduction process and then for many long days on set. We were also fortunate to work with two wonderfully talented creative directors, Julien Jarreau and Brian McIntosh. Illuma and Gold are both global brands so each scenario required a different ethnicity and RedPenny Casting did an amazing job pulling together the talent. And Margaret was thrilled to work with her beloved wrangler, Melanie Sawyer, on set. “Melanie is not only a pleasure to be around but a wizard when it comes to working with the little ones,” added Margaret.

Margaret really summed the shoot up well with this comment, “The highlight of the experience was having a chance to collaborate with Matthew. We have such a special agency and the relationships that have formed amongst us feel more like family every day.”  I couldn’t agree more.


on the road(show) again: this time to texas

The MCA Roadshow is truly evolving into something spectacular. On my latest portfolio trip to Texas, I was once again joined by Margaret Lampert, Jim Salzano, Jamie Kripke and Matthew Turley. While making the wonderfully eclectic Hotel San Jose our home base in Austin; we visited GSD&M, Blackboard and McGarrah Jesse. On Wednesday we saddled up the mini-van and drove the 195 miles to Dallas. We made the rounds in Dallas, had cocktails with friends from The Richards Group, a delicious meal at Smoke and had a spectacular view of downtown from the refurbished, yet still funky 1940’s old school Belmont Hotel. The trip was beyond perfect in every way. Though I always hope my photo collage conveys the general vibe and good feeling of the experience, this time I thought I would ask each of my photographers to share one memory or anecdote.



I’ll start with Jamie Kripke.

“Marianne had rented a minivan for us, and I was the only alternate driver on the contract.  After wrapping our last meeting in Austin, we loaded up to drive 200 miles to Dallas.  Apparently Marianne was totally over my driving — something about how I was taking both hands off the wheel while telling stories, or whatever. Lacking confidence in my highway skills, and possibly fearing for her life, Marianne calmly took over as the captain of our photographic ship.

A few hours later, as we were heading north on I-35, I took a moment to appreciate the scene:  All of us sending emails, taking calls, joining conference calls, discussing upcoming shoots, considering marketing opportunities, and generally keeping our individual and collective businesses moving forward and growing. Matthew may have even been retouching files for a current job on his Cintiq tablet in the back seat.  

But my favorite image was that of Marianne, hands firmly at 10 and 2 o’clock, taking her group of photographers safely down the road to a new place with new people, new projects, and new possibilities.”

From Jim Salzano… and back to Jamie’s driving.

“I loved Marianne’s reaction to Jamie’s driving. Matthew got a new name from Jamie, Radio Shack, for always having the most obscure equipment in his bag. The entire trip was really like a family outing. When we had our agency meetings I felt like I was walking into a relative’s house that you’ve known about but have never met. A little exciting and hoping to make a good impression. Great fun to be a part of the MCA family.”

And from Margaret Lampert, who can equally articulate beauty in words as well as through pictures.

“So…I think I have a little crush on Texas. Perhaps it was leaving Boston behind (always a plus toward the end of a long winter) but Texas had me the moment I walked through the airport in Austin.

It could have been the live music wafting through the air…finding Marianne as I meandered through the terminal….sitting outside that evening….birds singing as night fell…and again, the air….(filled with music) warm and soft….it could have been all of the above but…

…there are so many memorable moments from this trip (it all feels a little dreamlike a few weeks out) but every step of the way was filled with inspiration, great meetings with a lot of talented and kindhearted people, and the best part of all….traveling with my extended family….Marianne, Jim, Jamie and Matthew. As always I leave them (and the leaving part is really hard) feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.”

And finally Matthew Turley, who sums it up perfectly…and yes Jamie, I’m pretty sure Matt was absolutely retouching while I was driving. In fact, I’m pretty sure he is retouching right now…

“Austin/Dallas was a perfect example of how fun, inspiring, and effective the MCA roadshows can be. The portfolio shows themselves are great, but I think what’s really special is the camaraderie among our group of photographers. Looking forward to the next one!”