February, 2013

rj muna’s partnership with oakley

RJ Muna has been shooting the advertising images for ongoing client Oakley since early 2011. While having a loyal client is not unique for RJ, the relationship with Oakley is.

When RJ was first hired, he and Creative Director Paul Schulte spent three days working closely together at RJ’s studio doing lighting tests without any preconceived ideas. Paul took the results of the tests, built his campaign and presented to the top people at Oakley. “This started the conversation and we got to a point where I really knew what he was looking for – we developed a look together,” says RJ.

The relationship was built on collaboration and trust and has grown into a full creative partnership. Every few months a shipment of new glasses arrives with a brief that simply notes a new feature—quite often a technical factor: a new hinge, lens color or coating, or a pop-out lens. “The glasses may look similar but there is always something specific that they want to emphasize – some curve, some line, some lens,” adds RJ. The great thing about the relationship with them is that they trust me enough to send the glasses and let me decide what is best. I give them a variety of angles that they then use for their marketing.”

Building on this trust is the implicit understanding that if anything is not working with the comp or the color needs a slight adjustment, it will be corrected. “If there’s anything at all that is wrong with an image, it’s going to get fixed. This is how deep the trust goes.”

RJ’s approach, whether shooting people, products or landscape is always about understanding the subject so as to reveal its unique and oftentimes subtle character. “Because the products are similar but not always the same, it’s almost Zen-like to get into the design of the glasses and what the industrial designers were thinking about when they were designing them.”

The partnership with Oakley has been amazingly rewarding and we look forward to creating more beautiful images together. In the meantime, here are a few more examples.


matthew turley for ram superbowl spot “so god made a farmer”

As exciting as it was to watch the 49ers in the Superbowl, the highlight for me came after half-time when the Ram “So God Made a Farmer” ad silenced the room and images from a select group of photographers, including Matthew Turley, played to a voice-over from Paul Harvey. And then again when two of Matthew’s images for the project were featured on the following day’s USA Today cover-wrap.

Congratulations to Matthew and to all the photographers involved in such an inspiring and moving project.

USA Today cover wrap for Dodge Ram