December, 2012

10 (or 18) things you didn’t know about mca photographers

For the first time in 24 years of Marianne Campbell Associates, all of my artists were together in one city, San Francisco. The occasion was an agency dinner at my house catered by a private chef – (see previous post), San Francisco portfolio shows, and the annual APA Something Personal show at RJ’s LeftSpace Studios.

We’ve always been a close agency and often travel together to portfolio shows, but  I thought I’d take this opportunity to have my photographers get to know each other just a little better. As a fun exercise, I asked each of my photographers to share something unexpected about themselves for a post on the MCA blog in which I’d list the facts and have readers try to match the photographer to the fact. All good sports and endlessly surprising (even to me), they shared anecdotes ranging from the highly entertaining to the downright hair-raising.

Though it started as a blog post idea, it turned into the most fun one could have at a dinner party.  So here it is; a list of little-known facts about the MCA photographers. Please feel free to respond with your best guesses in the comments. I will be posting the answers (with photos) next week.


  1. Which photographer boasted at 1st grade Show + Tell about winning 3 ampules of bull semen?
  2. Which photographer was named “Best Free Show in town” as a street mime?
  3. Which photographer narrowly escaped death in an avalanche?
  4. Which photographer grew up on a dairy farm?
  5. Which photographer had a shoe shine service?
  6. Which photographer played bass in a punk band that performed with Dead Kennedys, the Avengers and the Go-­‐Go’s?
  7. Which photographer was part of one of best Judo teams in country, winning 44 national collegiate titles?
  8. Which photographer was in the Air Force?
  9. Which photographer tried to suggest design and color ideas to Lego 
headquarters in Denmark, at age 9?
  10. Which photographer was in a Sony Classics documentary?
  11. Which photographer was detained in Saudi Arabia for 24 hours by the 
  12. Which photographer’s first year of co-­‐ed high school had ratio of 10:1, with 
350 boys to 35 girls?
  13. Which photographer was personally blessed by the Dalai Lama?
  14. Which photographer can say that Nicole Kidman “checked him out”, and has 
witnesses to prove it?
  15. Which photographer was in the 2011 Christchurch New Zealand earthquake, 
awoke to plaster hitting him in the face, was knocked to knees twice, ran out of the hotel room without a shirt, but grabbing the hard drive from a recent shoot.
  16. Which photographer traveled across country in a school bus doing theater and performance art?
  17. Which photographer group up in Berkeley?
  18. Which photographer worked at McDonald’s?

san francisco visit

About a year ago, several of my photographers were gathered together at the 2011 APA Something Personal exhibit and party. I was not able to attend this event as my oldest son was having some medical issues (all is now okay). My photographers decided they wanted to do something special for me and with input and contribution from Dakota Chase, they bought me a very generous gift certificate to have a private chef come and prepare dinner at my home. Though they intended for me to use it with other people, I decided to give it back to them and try to get us all together to enjoy. Given that my photographers hail from New York City, Boston, Boulder, Salt Lake City and San Francisco, this was no small feat. We landed on the date of 12/13/12.

The multi-day San Francisco visit began with a group portfolio show at Goodby with an unexpected appearance at the show by Rich Silverstein himself. We later gathered at my home in Belvedere for the aforementioned dinner catered by all-star chef, Cyrus-alum, KC Howland. The meal began with champagne and amazing hors d’oeuvres and was followed by an absolutely off-the-charts 4-course dinner. To see how well my photographers knew one another, I started the dinner with an 18-question game asking “which photographer _______________ (insert little-known fact here)” and everyone had to write down their best guesses. The questions, answers and reasons behind the photographer guesses provided hours of knee-slapping entertainment, so we are planning to share via a future blog post incorporating these little-known facts about the MCA photographers. We finished dessert and all trekked down the road to my office, as a few out-of-towners had not seen it. On Friday, we all met at 18 Reasons Gallery to have a private viewing of Michael’s From The Source exhibit, followed by a delicious lunch at Pizzeria Delfina. The trip culminated  appropriately enough with the 2012 APA Something Personal exhibit, hosted by LeftSpace,  followed by a fabulous holiday party hosted by John and Heather Elder. What an incredible few days – Quinci and I are so very, very lucky. This may just be the start of an annual tradition.

james salzano shoots new york’s living landmarks

In 1997, James Salzano had an idea for a personal project. After reading an article in the New York Times about a side project of the NY Landmarks Conservancy that honored prominent New Yorkers as Living Landmarks, he contacted the director Peg Breen. He wanted to shoot a portrait series of the living landmarks on location at the landmark of their choice. She loved the idea and from ’98 to ’01 Salzano photographed Al Hirshfeld, Helen Gurley Brown, Philip Johnson, Brook Astor, Peter Duchin, Arnold Scaasi, Betty Comdon and Adolf Green (together), and Agnes Gund.

Helen Gurley Brown, The Oak Room, Plaza Hotel 59th Street

Philip Johnson, University Club, 5th Avenue

Al Hirschfeld, Shubert Theater West 44th Street

After 9-11, the project was put on hold. “A few weeks ago I was reading the Times and there’s an article about the 20th anniversary of the Living Landmarks program coming up in 2013, so I decided to give them a call. Peg Breen was still the director and she was happy to hear from me and to get the project going again. I’ve recently shot Mary Mcfadden and Sirio Maccioni and we plan to shoot as many of the people as we can on the list before 20th Anniversary Gala being held next November.” said Jim.  The honorees include Graydon Carter, Joan Rivers, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, Tom Brokaw, Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters among many others.

Mary Mcfadden, Greek and Roman Pavillion, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fifth Avenue at 80th street

Jim Salzano and Mary Mcfadden at the 2012 2012 Landmark Conservancy Fundraiser