November, 2012

from the source at 18 reasons

If you are in San Francisco on Dec. 7th, please stop by Bi-Rite’s 18 Reasons and join us at the opening of Michael Lamotte’s From the Source, a Visual Survey of Local Food. Michael will be exhibiting black and white prints from the series and food will be provided by a selection of local purveyors. The show runs through January 25th.


Book publisher and designer, Brian Lamotte (Michael’s son) conceived and designed the invitation which doubles as a poster and will be given away during the exhibition at 18 Reasons.

It was printed on newsprint in New York. The images below present a small visual story of the printing process captured by Brian; from press check to finished product.












mca roadshow goes to boston

Boston is my hometown and showing the portfolios there made this Roadshow particularly special. Everywhere we went I felt such an affinity for everyone I reconnected with or met. They either reminded me of my cousins or people with whom I grew up. Arnold Art Producers Amy Shaw, Kersten Vasey  and I even went to the same college. And if all of this familiarity wasn’t enough, my photographer Margaret Lampert is based in Boston, which made  ‘old home week’ even more momentous. My current home of San Francisco made sure I stayed committed by showcasing our amazing Giants in the World Series every night I was there. Until next time Boston…



rj muna wins imaa’s for two films

Congratulations to RJ Muna for having not one, but two films selected for inclusion in the 2012 AI – AP International Motion Art Awards. Out of 46 winners, two of RJ’s films were awarded: “Crosswalk” and “Written in the Margins.” The films will be screened at the AI-AP event in New York featuring a symposium on November 8th and a party celebrating American Photography 28, American Illustration 31, Latin American Fotografia & Ilustracion and the International Motion Art Awards.

I wanted to show both films here on the blog and share a few words from RJ referencing his inspiration for the films. Bravo RJ for the beautiful motion work and the recognition of one of the premier motion art awards.

“Crosswalk” was performed by Felipe Barrueto-Cabello and Jessica Swanson.

“A crosswalk is a unique place. The population changes every thirty seconds or so, yet seemingly, the people are strikingly similar. They share a confined space, yet rarely interact. They do however, share a common goal, navigating across a river of traffic, held at bay by little more than blinking lights. A quick brush with danger, shared again just another block down.”

“Written in the Margins” was performed by Wendy Rein and Ryan T Smith

“Seems we often find ourselves in places without remembering the steps we took to get there. Moving from episode to episode, we can meet, go crazy and find peace again, all without taking a single stride. A little like reading a book without being aware the pages were ever turned.”