October, 2012

at edge face to face nyc

This week I attended another great At Edge Face to Face event in New York City. Face to Face is a highly curated gathering of photographers and top agency creatives in a relaxed and intimate environment. Photographers are matched with creatives based on mutual interest, relevance and account commonality. I have been attending these events since their inception in 2008, and I have to say this one was my favorite thus far.


One of the best attributes of F2F is the intimacy of the setting, but because this event has become so popular, the last few I attended had lost some of that friendly, warm and communal feeling. This time, the At Edge folks split up the event into two different dates so as to accommodate the increased number of interested photographers but to maintain the intimate quality for which this event has become known. The smaller number of photographers also really enhanced the focus on fraternity and community, another benchmark of what makes this event so successful.

Another way I saw an improvement and evolution was the increased effort to properly match photographers and creatives to be mutually interesting and beneficial. Each and every meeting we had ended with everyone wanting more.

As always, the event was held at an absolute A-list venue, this time the Penthouse of 230 Fifth, in a cocktail party-like setting with great food and drinks.

I applaud the team at At Edge for starting with a great idea and continually improving it by listening to feedback from the community. There is a reason this event is so successful and in such high demand. Congratulations to Elizabeth Owen, Glen Serbin and Susan Baraz.


mattew turley photographs ram trucks for the richards group

Matthew Turley’s latest campaign for Ram Trucks was shot for The Richards Group. The campaign introduces the 2013 Ram 1500 with a campaign suitably titled “Heaven and Earth.” Matthew and team did go to the ends of the earth (well, actually British Columbia) for five days to capture the images that gorgeously narrate the story of Ram: toughness, resilience and perseverance.

The creative team included Creative Directors Rob Baker and Jimmy Bonner, Art Director Kellyn McGarity and Copywriter Sue Batterton.


Chrysler Building wrap

jamie kripke solo show: alps // 40

As mentioned in my previous post, MCA was on the road last week. Our final stop on the tour was Jamie Kripke’s Alps // 40 gallery exhibit and party featuring an amazing body of work he shot entirely in black and white on a Fuji film camera while on a Swiss Alps ski trip to celebrate his 40th birthday (that was a mouthful). Jamie’s concept was to take a trip of a lifetime and to give himself the gift of slowing down and enjoying the process of taking photos for the sheer pleasure of it. It is obvious that the spirit of his love for photography is present in every shot.

Jamie wrote a post about his trip over on his blog that talks about the experience and how the most amazing part was losing, then finding the film. In Jamie’s words, “I was joking with a friend at the show that even if I’d never found the film, if I could still have an opening of imaginary pieces, complete with sizes and prices, and if I could sell those, THAT would be art.”

The show featured 14 images in a range of sizes from 20×24 to 30×96 all in editions of five.  “I’ve always sold fine art prints, and have participated in several group shows but have never done a solo show, because I never had the right kind of space.  My new studio is a great size and a really versatile space.

Quinci and I were thrilled to make the trip for Jamie’s first solo show, and could not have been more proud. Matthew Turley also joined us to attend the opening, and proved extremely helpful with the munter hitch. None of us actually  spent time with Jamie at the opening, because as he eloquently articulated, “We had a great turnout.  I kind of felt like I was at my wedding, where each conversation ends abruptly after about 15 seconds, and still felt like I couldn’t talk to everyone.  But it was great to share the work with so many people.  I got to meet some new people, and sold some work as well.  And we finished all the wine, beer, meat, and cheese.” Enough said.

Jamie’s fabulous prints can be purchased online at editions.jamiekripke.com.


mca on the road again

I just returned home from a whirlwind week of portfolio shows in Austin, Denver and Boulder. The week started with a quick trip to Vermont for my son’s college parents’ weekend (click over to my personal blog for photos), and culminated in Jamie Kripke’s fabulous Alps // 40 gallery exhibit and party. A separate post dedicated to Jamie’s event to follow. Showing the portfolios is one of my favorite things to do, and this trip was no exception. Hopefully my Instagram collage of photos will give a little insight into the fun we had.