August, 2012

jamie kripke moves into new studio

There’s always that one building or home that one covets and drives by year after year, eyes open for a ‘for sale/rent’ sign. It has character, charm and for photographers usually high ceilings, wide-open space and beautiful northern light. “When I was in San Francisco, I would find abandoned storefronts in great neighborhoods,” added Jamie. “I wanted to be in Chinatown or North Beach where there were a lot of beautiful, abandoned storefronts. I was always going around leaving notes on doors and it never came to fruition.”

Five years ago when Jamie and his family moved to Boulder, Colorado he fell in love with a historic free-standing building one block from his home. He kept his eye on it, but didn’t expect anything to come of it. In June of this year, the building in which he was shooting was sold and coincidentally, this building became available for the first time in years at the same time. “It was one of those creative crossroads when you have to just jump in and see where it takes you.”

By July Jamie had a new studio and the most amazing natural light he could imagine. The full story is told in the way only Jamie does over on his blog, nuanced and reflective about what a studio means to a photographer.

When we spoke about the new space, he was excited to start pushing his studio portraiture, to experiment further with light and to create an environment where he could collaborate with other creatives, including working on set with his re-toucher.

He also happened to mention that his nanny, a “hilarious former university literature professor” whose talents include seeing and communicating with those who have passed on, told him the place was full of ghosts. She said they were not good or bad ghosts and offered to ask them to leave. But Jamie decided they were there first and that the last thing he needed was a studio full of angry ghosts, so for now they’re staying.

It’s a beautiful space and I’m so happy for Jamie that he’s found an inspiring home for his business and can’t wait to see the first of the portraits.

To read the full story and for more images, please click through to Jamie’s blog here.

james salzano looks back at helen gurley brown

Several years ago James Salzano shot Helen Gurley Brown for a New York City Landmark Preservation project. He shares the story behind the shoot and what made her smile over on his blog. Thanks Jim for reminding us what an icon she was.