September, 2011

matthew turley interview on POP

I am so proud to share this wonderful interview with Matthew Turley conducted by Alison McCreery.  It is one of the most in-depth, and substantive interviews I’ve read in a long time.  Thank you Alison for not only showcasing Matthew’s amazing talent, but also giving the public a glimpse of the awesomeness that is Matthew Turley.  Link here to read interview in full.  

margaret lampert for VW

We are very proud to share a recent ad of Margaret Lampert’s for VW as the ad is garnering much publicity. The ad agency, DDB Argentina is showcasing it on the home page of the agency website, and we were thrilled to see the ad reproduced in the most recent issue of Lurzer’s Archive, the magazine known for exhibiting the best international advertising.  Way to go Margaret!

margaret lampert for fisher price

In early May, Bill Gastinger Art Producer from Y&R New York called to consider Margaret Lampert for an important ad campaign for their client, Fisher Price.  We spoke at length about the goals of the agency with this campaign – to move the brand in a new direction, as the client had previously tended towards a more controlled look, studio environments and highly stylized photography.

The centerpiece of this new direction was looser, more organic, location driven real photography, and I knew from the start that this was a campaign made for Margaret.  We successfully bid and won the job and had a wonderful experience both with Lesley Esan, the Art Director and Bill Gastinger, the Art Producer, as well as a great support crew through Lockbox Productions.  The ads are breaking now, we will share a few with you here.