August, 2011

jamie kripke’s ’40’

This is a fabulous post by Jamie Kripke, detailing his conflict with whether or not to accept a dream job that interfered with his plans to celebrate his 40th birthday with his family. Beautifully articulated Jamie and yes, I think you made the right decision too. Read the original post here.

jim + ellen

Wow, I just pilfered this off Jim Salzano’s FB page. Just have to share because it is SO cool…


The irony of what I am about to post is not lost on me. While innocently posting about my great dinner with 1) my fabulous food photographer, 2) his equally food savvy wife, 3) our highly acclaimed food stylist, 4) our gastronomic Del Monte client, 5) our wonderful designer and 6) totally together account exec…yes, I realize I am about to post food photos. Please take the photos in the spirit in which they were meant.

What a fantastic evening at Skool; thank you Michael, Joyce, Stephanie, Trinity, Stephanie and Gail!