July, 2010

eleven, inc.

What an amazing turnout we had at our joint¬†Marianne Campbell Associates and Heather Elder Represents portfolio show at Eleven this morning. I’m sure the delicious quiche and pastries from La Boulange¬†helped.

michael lamotte shoots for del monte

At the end of a great week-long shoot for one of the pet food brands at Del Monte, Michael shares his love of food and wine with our clients and crew. Last night we tasted a Sicilian white and a Wilamette red, and lots of delicious cheese. Check out my attempt at food styling and photography, watch out Michael and Stephanie!

congratulations matthew for your award-winning series ‘cabin’ in the CA 2010 photo annual

Stunning work by Matthew Turley honored in the 2010 Communication Arts Photo Annual. See Matthew’s ‘cabin’ series of (5) images below.

jim salzano shoots for merck

This is a great story. Two years ago, almost exactly, we hosted a party in NYC at SoHo House to celebrate the anniversary of opening our Marianne Campbell Associates office on 5th Avenue in New York. I asked all of my photographers to fly in for the party, which they did. One of the Art Buyers we invited to the party, Allison Candage emailed saying she was unable to attend, but sent two others from her office in her place (a very nice gesture considering we had never worked with anyone at the agency). We totally connected with both of Allison’s “stand-ins”, Michael Kaminski and Kate Bressand from Juice Pharma. Jim Salzanoof course is based in New York and continued to nurture the relationship post party. There have been a few false starts, but today we FINALLY did our first job with Juice. And we have another one coming down the pike. It just goes to show you how important the human connection is. Thanks for the great job today Michael and Allison – it was well worth the wait.

matthew’s updated portfolio

Figuring out the new order for Matthew Turley’ supdated portfolio.

rj muna judges the esteemed communication arts 2010 photo annual contest

Congratulations RJ Muna, on a job well done jurying the Communication Arts 2010 Photo Annual contest.