June, 2010

today, Ogilvy…

Kristin is making the rounds in New York City – today a great portfolio show at Ogilvy!

portfolio show at Agency Rx in NYC this morning

Thanks Kristin, for sharing photos from your Marianne Campbell Associates portfolio show at Agency Rx this morning.

jamie kripke’s promo on heather morton

This morning on Art Buyer Heather Morton’s blog, she writes a great posting about Jamie Kripke’s hand-made typewritten promos he has been creating for the past year and a half. Check it out here.

rj muna shoots MINI and Porsche for BSSP

RJ Muna shot the MINI Cooper and a Porsche 911 for Butler Shine Stern & Partners with Art Director Steve Mapp and Art Producer Anne Schultz. Ad is running in today’s New York Times.

a different take on a portfolio show

It is super convenient when your really close friend happens to do the same job you do, and there is a potential to do some marketing events together. Allegra Wilde talked about our innovative approach in an interview with The Photography Post. What started with a shared New York associate, has segued into co-hosting parties and combined portfolio showings. In the words of Suzee Barabee from Goodby, “Love the combo platter of you and Heather.: Today Heather Elder and I¬†are doing our first San Francisco combined portfolio show at Goodby, Silverstein + Partners.