rj muna wins big in the 2018 one eyeland photography awards

with images shot for ad campaigns for Audi, ODC/Dance, Liss Fain Dance, Garrett + Moulton Productions, Flyaway Productions and Kristin Damrow & Company

rj muna wins big in the 2018 one eyeland photography awards

randal ford’s animal kingdom

The Animal Kingdom, published by Rizzoli

randal ford’s animal kingdom

rj muna wins big in the 2018 graphis photography annual

with projects for Airbus, Audi, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, ODC/Dance and more

rj muna wins big in the 2018 graphis photography annual

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Randal Ford for Jdate

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jamie kripke’s air show

Ohio roots, love of bicycles and fear of flying lead Jamie Kripke on a photographic journey

jamie kripke’s air show


rj muna wins big in the 2018 one eyeland photography awards

Congratulations RJ Muna on your recent wins in the Advertising category of the 2018 One Eyeland Photography Awards. RJ’s wins include 22 images in total, for clients such as Audi with Venables, Bell + Partners, ODC/Dance, Liss Fain Dance, Garrett + Moulton Productions, Flyaway Productions and Kristin Damrow & Company. Sharing a few of RJ’s stunning

chicago roadshow

We are just back from a wonderful week in Chicago with the #mcaroadshow. We feel a special affection for our friends in Chicago, as that is where the Roadshow started, back in 2012. Until next time windy city.    

the power of community, celebrating our los angeles art producers

Quinci and I get down to Los Angeles to show portfolios fairly often, but we were long overdue for a visit just to hang out with our beloved Art Producer community. Turns out our timing was perfect as the community was much in need of the power of the group. Over pizza and wine we

jamie kripke, matthew turley and the aspen power of four

The Aspen Power of Four is a multi-sport race series that takes competitors on a course up and over the four mountains that make up Aspen-Snowmass: Aspen Mountain (Ajax), Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. “They have a mountain bike version, which I’ve done. They have a running version, which I will never do. And then

rj muna wins big in the graphis 2018 photography annual

Congratulations RJ Muna for your sweep in the Graphis 2018 Photography Annual! I am excited to share RJ’s multiple wins, the first of which is a GOLD in the Advertising category for the Airbus campaign created in collaboration with artist Berndnaut Smilde for the lovely folks at Publicis London. And two wins for RJ’s Audi


jamie kripke: down the rhein

It was family, not photography, that led Jamie Kripke to board a riverboat in Basel, Switzerland, for a week-long cruise down the Rhine, but once the plans were made, he knew he wanted to take photographic advantage of the unique opportunity.  The Rhine has been a vital European waterway since the days of the Roman

randal ford’s animal kingdom

Lions, tigers, and bears — in the studio? That’s just another day behind the camera for Austin photographer Randal Ford and the subject of his first book, The Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits (Rizzoli). It started a decade ago with an assignment to photograph a series of portraits of cows for the re-designed cover

rj muna and alonzo king lines ballet at sfo

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with a special exhibition of photography by RJ Muna at San Francisco International Airport. RJ has been photographing dance in the Bay Area for more than 20 years, and has been collaborating with LINES Ballet since 2009. The 14 images are something of a

jamie kripke’s air show

Jamie Kripke’s personal project Air Show started with a little research into the origins of flight via the Wright Brothers. “Being from Ohio, a lover of bicycles, and someone with a healthy fear of flying, I was naturally drawn to the story of the Wright Brothers,” he wrote of the project. “It seemed like a

margaret lampert goes back to the dairy farm

Margaret Lampert’s recent personal project is inspired by her childhood on a dairy farm just north of Boston. This past year, she started exploring her dairy farm roots, traveling to several farms in Vermont and upstate New York. “I’ve always had an affinity for dairy cows, having grown up around them. My father was a


annabelle breakey for rao’s homemade

Rao’s New York is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in the country, serving authentic Italian cooking on the Upper East Side since 1896. The 10-table establishment is notoriously hard to get into, even for the who’s who of New York City. Fortunately, they’ve bottled their favorite sauces so the rest of us can experience

rj muna shoots the audi A8

Product: 2019 Audi A8 Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Design Director: Cris Logan Designer: Jon Donaghy Senior Art Producer: Shelly Amin

rj muna and liss fain dance: a recomposition

In the world of modern dance, the promotional photographs for an upcoming production are often taken months before the piece is fully choreographed, not to mention before sets are built, lighting is designed, and costumes are made. So it was something of a luxury when photographer RJ Muna and choreographer Liss Fain met in the

randal ford brings the zing for innovage

Randal Ford’s second video spot for InnovAge is a lighthearted spoof on the beloved Cheers theme song, Everybody Knows Your Name. The video shows 10 talent and a dog singing the song while highlighting the many services InnovAge offers seniors: transportation, medical and dental facilities, food, entertainment, and the opportunity for social interaction. “This video

shaun fenn hits the courts for usta

Shaun Fenn says any excuse to photograph sports is fine by him. For the past two years, he’s been working with the United States Tennis Association to create a custom library of images to use across their website and advertising platforms. He was brought into the project by Wunderman to shoot fresh, healthy imagery for